NY What to do after prom. Spilling the beans before the event.

We understand, you’re too excited about your big dance night and want to look your best on the day. But don’t let this excitement ruin the element of surprise for your date and everyone who is as much excited about your look as you are. Resist the urge to reveal your style details including your dress, makeup and everything in between before the event.

Going beyond your comfort zone

This is a common mistake most prom-goers fall for. Sure, that little black dress combined with a pair of fancy high heels will compliment your figure. But you don’t want to get into anything that makes your feel uncomfortable all night.

So, make sure your shoes and outfit are something that you don’t regret wearing at the end of the event. If you must wear an outfit or footwear that will certainly make your stand out but feel uncomfortable at the same time, bring along a comfy alternative.

Last minute reservations. NY What to do after prom.

Last minute appointments and reservations can create enough mess and stress to spoil your mood for the big dance. Remember that the key to a successful prom and after prom in the Hamptons is proper planning upfront.

Whether it is prom ride or a salon appointment, doing anything that was supposed to be done beforehand the last minute can leave you feeling panicked and frustrated. To avoid last-minute dilemmas, create a detailed checklist of things you need done for the dance and refer to the list ahead of time.

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